Superfeet Copper DMP Low to Medium Arch Support


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Product Overview


SuperFeet COPPER DMP Insoles With Low To Medium Arches incorporate the company’s Dynamic Molding Process and naturally shape to your foot’s unique characteristics as you wear them. That gives you a custom-quality fit without having to heat the insoles in an oven and form them as you do with some other custom orthotics. The insoles’ biomechanical advantages remain firm while top layers conforms to your feet much better than other insoles that don’t have DMP technology.

These shoe insoles work best with shoes that have removable factory insoles so there’s plenty of room for them and your feet too.

The Dynamic Molding Process built into these SuperFeet insoles from includes a top memory foam layer that maintains an impression of your foot, cradling it in comfort in a way traditional insoles simply can’t do. At the same time, a PU foam middle layer adjusts to your foot but maintains its stability. Finally, a bottom layer and stabilizer cap maintain their shape and firm support, providing unyielding help for plantar fasciitis pain, discomfort from heel spurs and other issues while allowing you to walk and stand for longer than ever before.

The SuperFeet Encapsulating Stabilizer System provides the best underfoot support you’ll find. This deep heel cap works with your own natural heel fat pad to improve shock absorption. Repeated shocks, as you can probably feel with every step, are among the primary causes of foot pain.

In addition, the top covers of all SuperFeet insoles are treated with built-in Agion technology that destroys and prevents bacteria. This silver-based agent doesn’t come off on you or your socks, but it reduces the likelihood of foot health issues caused from bacteria and helps with the problem of smelly feet.

Like all SuperFeet insoles, these can be effective in improving a number of foot issues, including pronation, bunions, blisters and friction-caused hot spots. In addition, the reduced stress on muscles and ligaments means you can walk and stand for hours without pain.

Recommended For:

- feet with low to medium arches, but will work with all arch types.

- footwear of any type with removable insoles, including dress, casual, service, athletic or industrial shoes.


Available Sizes:

B-G | Men: 5.5 to 17 US | Women: 4.5 to 12.5+ US


Common Questions:

Why can’t I use these insoles on top of the built-in sockliners in my shoes?

In some cases you can. But these insoles are specially designed to work perfectly with shoes that have removable liners. That allows the insoles to sit better in the shoes. Also, these insoles take up a substantial amount of room in shoes, and shoes without removable insoles many not have the space to comfortably accommodate them. For best results with shoes that have permanently installed liners, explore the other SuperFeet insole choices available at


What can I do if these insoles cause my shoes or feet to smell?

Treating this is a multi-step process. First, clean the insoles at least twice a week with mild soap and water. Second, add baby powder to the inside of your shoes -- above and below the inserts -- to help absorb odors. Finally, treat your feet themselves by soaking a couple of times a week with Epsom salts and applying scented body lotion to them daily. While these insoles are treated to prevent smells, these additional steps will also help.


Have additional questions, comments or need advice on which insoles to buy? That’s no problem. At, our customer service team is trained to answer all your foot care issues -- and we can recommend the right products for you. Contact us for answers to your questions.

Warranty Information

1 Year


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  • 5
    Better that custom orthotic

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Apr 2014

    Fine product from a great company. Helps pronating more than other versions.