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Plantar Fasciitis PFT Soft Night Splint is excellent for those who have a mild case of Plantar Fasciitis with Morning foot pain. It's comfortable and can be adjusted for different degrees of dorsiflexion. For severe cases of morning heel pain from Plantar Fasciitis we recommend the Rigid Night Splint.

Medical Grade Night Splints

Night Splints are normally worn at night during sleep or during rest after activity therefore called “night” splints. The most common severe pain and inflammation of plantar fasciitis is experienced in the morning, which causes the first few steps to be excruciating. The position the feet and ankles are held in as we sleep promotes cramping of the fascia and calf muscles. When feet are pointed under the weight of the blankets the plantar fascia muscle is contracted (shortened). Those first steps in the morning are painful because the muscle which as been contracted all night is suddenly stretched and pulled.

The Night Splint is designed to provide a gentle stretch to the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon by comfortably positioning the foot in a controlled amount of dorsiflexion. This gentle stretch helps reduce the muscle contracture, inflammation, and associated pain, and helps promote healing of the injured tendons and muscles. It has also been clinically proven to reduce symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

We have found that combining DAY and NIGHT treatment to be a perfect combination for heel pain relief; morning, day and night. Occasionally, a few patients may still experience morning heel pain due to the tightening of the plantar fascia at night. Now, with the combination of the Night Splint doing it’s job stretching the plantar fascia throughout the night, and then the DAY treatments continuing their acupressure and treatment throughout the day, we guarantee no more heel pain usually within 30 days, but we offer a 60 DAY PAIN FREE GUARANTEE. If your heel pain isn't gone after using both DAY and NIGHT treatments return your items for a refund within 60 days of purchase. We have a complete Day & Night plantar fasciitis package available for $149.95..scroll down to view.


Our Night Splints can be used to treat the following conditions:


  •  Plantar Fasciitis


  • Achilles Tendinitis


  • Plantar flexion Contractures


  • Heel Spurs


  • Equinous Conditions


  • Pronation Syndromes


  • Muscle Tightening and Runner's Cramp



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(5 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 2
    Not for people who have arthritis in their big toes

    Posted by Gary on 6th May 2016

    Used it one night and my arthritic toe was very sore and ached for 3-4 days afterwards. Have not used it since.

  • 3
    Plantar PFT Soft Night Splint

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Feb 2015

    Comfortable to wear in bed with the trade-off being that is does not keep your foot in the proper position to benefit the plantar fasciitis.

  • 5
    by by footdrop!

    Posted by tootie Christopher on 20th Jan 2015

    This is the best thing for footdrop as it was often painful to step out of bed first thing in a m and feel the pain in my affected foot. Took quite awhile for it to subside. Now with this foot splint keeps my foot from dropping back and no more discomfort first thing in the a m!!

  • 2
    I hate this thing.

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Apr 2013

    The shape does not fit my foot at all. I wear women's 7 1/2 or 8, so I bought the small. It is too big everywhere except the toes, where it is too small. It is really uncomfortable but not in a constructive way. It pulls specifically on the toes, which for me does not produce much of a stretch in the plantar fascia. I was excited about the fact that it is so soft and lightweight, but it does not seem to be producing results for me. On the other hand, the Heel Seats, which I've been wearing as much as possible, and the Rigid Night Splint, which I can only wear for 30 minutes or so at a time, have helped me. However, resting the foot as much as possible is what seems to be helping most.

  • 2
    Did not help

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2013

    Did not help, I bought a rigid on which gave me some help.